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Default [SDGO TW] September Patch

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September patch brings Harute!
It seems like Gen 5 graphics is also implemented in this patch.

Arios GNHW/M is gonna replace SRudim as the next SR.
Aside from that, the new S rank plan is Kshatriya.


(i) From 14 to 16 September, get 10 kills each day in PvP to get Lvl Protect (1), 1000 Experience pack Full (2), etc. Complete all 3 days to get Operator G (3 days) and 3,000G.

(ii) Any day from 11 to 25 September, if you log into the event page (, you can get a Bushido's Ahead. And if you log in every day into that event page and the game itself from 11 to 17 September (7 days), you can get a free Kshatriya (well...that beats the purpose of releasing the plan =.=; the same thing happened last time when they gave away free Sinanju as a choice when it was released as a G plan). Similarly, if you get a total of 100 kills in PvP (AI match not counted) as the event described above, you can get 4 coins. You have to remember to go to to the event page to redeem the prizes.

(iii) From 28 to 30 September, there will be a double G and experience event.

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