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I enjoy it a lot but the Peacock Smasher is pretty useless at range, and the daggers have to reload between throws which while fast can be a problem when facing something head on. I personally don't care for Rocks with too much range game (I enjoy chaining different attacks together, even if it gives more chances to be counter spec'd) but I do like them to have a reliable ranged weapon so it makes Skull Heart a little more difficult to use.

The grapple anchor and no dash saber is wicked though, and having X-1 Kai's bullet zero whip and X-1's saber which I've always felt had great reach for a basic sword is awesome. Built-in mini criticals are pretty cool too. I also like that while the grapple anchor is harder to land since it's all manual aim, it can't be shot down like the homing ones.
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