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I'll give a review for it then;

Xbone X1 Skullheart

SH isn't really a multirole unit in this game. The fact that it doesn't really have any defensive skills plus the continued tradition of xbones only having weapons that shoot straight, and a lack of ammo (peacock smasher has 3, and the heat daggars 1) means that this suit is not gonna do anything in ranged battles, and arguably, fails to do much even in mid range battles.
However, being a rock unit, SH does become a monster in close range battles. In normal mode, its beam zanbers attack power is boosted by it's first skill, the ammo down whip makes it a good way to get close, while in R mode, SH's scissor anchor (don't use this like altron's fang or NZ's claw since it only goes straight) can pull smaller enemies in, and it's w1 beam zamber works like x3's w3, with the added bonus that it has infinite shots.
Plus, like all xbones, space pirates conviction gives it a quick boost recovery so that you can run to or run from your enemies.

In short. Try to get close. If you can get close, you'll most likely slash your enemies to piecies. If you can't get close, you probably won't even be able to hit anything.

Oh did i mention that it has really bad defense?

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