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If you do this in SDGO NA, I will hunt you.

On top of that, it's a bannable offense (no warning whatsoever) if you're caught doing it in NA. I had an annoying guildmate do it a lot and boast to everyone about being a "pro" because he knew how to use it so well. And then after maybe two weeks of him doing it so publicly, he "disappeared" from the server.

I lol'd at him cuz the day he got banned was the same day he made an alt and complained to everyone in the guild about how he lost over $150 worth of MS and products, then proceeded to say OGPlanet robbed him, which was also very lolzy.

But yeah. Don't do it. Not even once. A real "pro" shouldn't have to rely on bug exploits, regardless of your reason. Bad lag because you live somewhere far from NA? Try a closer server maybe? Idgaf.

MCA, Quick Scope and Turn Slash are fine though apparently, so go nuts with that.