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Default Hi All looking for friends to play with!

Hi there,

I am new to the game and I am having a hard time finding others to play with. I just started playing this game a month ago and I have been trying a lot of different stuff out. I have no idea how I should be playing this game or everything I can do in it. I do play the game almost every day, though I only have one friend to play with. I would love to make some new friends to play this with and would be up for any advice you have to give. God knows I need it. XD! Anyways hit me up how ever you can on these forums or in game if there is a better way to get together let me know! I am sorry I don't like giving my email out on forums tend to get spammed to death. I normally on between 11am and 3pm then again from 1230am and 3am pacific standard time. Below are my characters, Thank you all for checking my posting I hope to take to you all soon.

SpellIII (the last three characters are I's and not L's), level 30, Rouge

Jade, level 25, Striker

Mihiori, level 14, Mage

RushunaIII (the last three characters are I's and not L's), level 7, Gunner

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