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Originally Posted by Mega
Thanks everyone for all the comments. It's going to take me a while to get adjusted to eating "healthy" foods. Yesterday I still ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch with a few pringles and milk. Then dinner I went to Subway and ate a turkey sandwich (not very filling, but I take it that you have to wait for your stomach to adjust to not eating as much food!)

I've already drank like 4 bottles of water in the last 2 days which is more than I've drank in the last 2 years haha. My parents are also wanting to try to start eating healthier because they're pretty much in the same boat as me, so we're going to try to start eating better together.

Also I just walked 20 minutes on our treadmill (which was completely hidden under books and stuff being hoarded! `-` Mom) and by the time I finished my legs felt like jelly and I sucked down another bottle of water x_x;

Tomorrow me and my parents are going to try and sit down and look online at things we might want to eat/drink/snack on and try to make a "menu" for our family to pick from.
Sounds like you're on the right track! Just keep it up and in your next check-up you'll see a significant improvement in your health.

If I could make a suggestion on foods, build a plate knowing what you need for the rest of the day.

If it's for breakfast, you're going to want to start with some proteins and fiber to get the day going: eggs with toast, peanut butter with bread, a bowl of yogurt and granola with a small baggie of toasted nuts to-go.

For lunch, you can think about some of the more filling options like maybe a grilled sandwich (try for chicken or fish as the main protein) with some lettuce, a slice of cheese, and some tomato with just a bit of mayo if you prefer. Pair that with a small bag of chips (not too greasy -- Sun Chips are a delicious choice!) and a nice tall glass (bottle) of cold water and you're good to go! If you have more time to cook, maybe make a bit of Spanish rice with half a grilled chicken breast cut into strips, with some salsa and shredded lettuce. Delicious, easy to make, and satisfying.

Mid-way through you'll probably be a bit hungry again so have a low-calorie granola bar or a small bag of treats (more nuts, maybe some small vegetables, crackers and peanut butter) and drink water throughout the day to help keep you satisfied.

When it comes to dinner, you might want to be more mindful about the calories you eat since you won't be very active afterwards so start with a salad (don't douse it in dressing; I usually enjoy mine dry with some mandarin oranges sans the syrup for the extra sweetness) then finish off with a small portion of grilled fish or chicken and some steamed vegetables (I usually pair carrots with fish). Do a little pan-seared Swai fillet (affordable and delicious!) with some lemon and just a bit of butter and that'll do the trick!