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Originally Posted by Cepheid
Try losing a bunch of absolute uniques. Was not me but a friend did a could not boss. The characters were too low to use coffin witch brooms. By that I mean kill blood.
Was he from Jewelia server? Because I saw two different people lose their Absolute Uniques over the weekend (I think it was the Shining Crystal Sword and the Fallen Watcher Helm).

Originally Posted by Jare
Communicate with them? gg I'm 7767'd. So good joke there. I got a couple of chuckles. Also, it's a waste of effort to communicate with them if they do nothing. Why should I waste my time and energy when I'm only going to get generic replies that only will have weight once many others complain as well? I'd rather not.
Speaking of 7767, I got mine fixed in just one week, more or less. Maybe I'm just lucky or maybe its because I just e-mailed the GMs and did what they asked me to do.

I am also fed up with the frequent map move fail errors. Might as well just not recharge timed equipments
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