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I try not to be too down on this game, but honestly? I'd prefer have a game that I can play, rather than new content which is useless, because I can't play the game. CT 38F+ are all broken, my sheepeh is stuck and I can't log into her. My timed equips and pets are all running out without me being able to use them, because my characters are all stuck in a map that is broken. All of the maps I would normally play on are broken. Mega is broken.
If this was the first time it had happened, or if it was repaired quickly, maybe I'd be more inclined to think positively, but it's not. This has been happening after almost every maintenance for the past few months, and obviously the GM's either a) don't know what's causing it or b) know but can't fix it or c) don't really care.
All of these make me feel like I'm wasting my time playing this game