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Rionele is on a distinguished road

Hi I'm Felandrix C:
My Age is 15 [LIES]
Lives in: Potato Lands [DOUBLE LIES]
I joined because it's been a while since I played and also, I have no guild [And friends] because they're all inactive. Please forgive me if I only go online at the weekends. I'll try to be very active! Here are a few things about me:

In-game info
IGN: Felandrix
Job: Dark Water and Wind Wizard
Level: 132 [Can't update so...]
Other Characters: Rionele [Lv 132 HV Gambler] and Dekanor [Lv 131 AP Galdiator] [I use my dragon most of the time now though]

Likes: Sugar [I have no where else to go without this], Grapes, Oranges, Books, YouTube [Check out communitychannel]
Other games I play: The Sims 3 [Showtime], Granado Espada [Please try this game!], World of Warcraft [Rarely active nowadays], Skyrim [Soon!], and of course Trickster Online [My first MMO ;w;].
Dislikes: Everything Scary. [I'm a coward D:], SPIDAS, and Annoying People.
I'm sorry if you find me a bit different, weird, undesirable. Maybe its because I'm a [Insert Perfectionist/Creepy/Exciteable trait here]
I just joined MoonlightC a few weeks ago (Yes, I'm a bit late) and I really find the guild nice! Have some friendly people around. The only problem is that I can't see much people as I live in Asia, which causes time differences, and when there's time differences, you can't really see people but I'm cool with it.