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IGN: Freyja Wolfheim
Class: Soul Master to_soulmaster
Level: 197/208
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Sheep 707 MA w/mist (688 MA w/mist 133% earth Attr post change but i dont know where is the other 19 MA o_O)
Cleaving terra
15345 w/ mist
10417 no mist
Post change
11920 no mist
17562 w/mist

19437 w/ mist
13195 no mist
Post Change
21540 w/mist
14620 no mist


i won 1k~2k damage with only 133 soil attr (wanted more but comps hate me q_q)
dunno about Blessing i didnt make a damage comparison on that time

btw they like ninja patched CoK cuz now it works like AR (4 hits at master)