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Default Complete Update Notes - Rising Tides

New PvP Mode: Wipeout

Gather a team of adventurers and head to the Coliseum for the newest PvP mode! Face your enemies 1 on 1 and see how far you can make it before you’re defeated.

To see more information and check out the video, click here.

-Map name:Stormy Arena
-Wipeout Mode can host up to 16 players.

Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode

If you thought the Sea Dragon Nest was tough, you’re about to experience a whole new level of pain in Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode!

To see more information, click here.

-Higher drops for Sea Dragon armor
-Attain Sea Dragon accessories
-A timer has been added. Players must defeat the dungeon within the given time or they automatically lose.

Edge of Darkness Update

An entrance to the Dark Gateway (previously called Edge of Darkness) now appears in Saint’s Haven and Carderock Pass, and The Abyssal Veil is no longer required to enter the Dark Gateway. After every 5 rounds, a Wellspring Pack Otaku will appear.
Kill the Wellspring Pack Otaku to get a Wellspring, which helps you defeat certain bosses. You can get an additional Wellspring from a treasure chest after completing the dungeon.

To use the Wellspring, right-click on the item from the inventory window. This will add it to your Source slot in the Character Window.

Using the Wellspring will give you certain benefits that help against Nest bosses.

Dragon Vault Update
To see more information, click here.

-New items have been added to the Dragon Egg.
-New pet and pet accessories
-One Random animal hat box has been added per class.
-New Costumes

Bug Fixes:
-Tinkerer characters can now receive Guild Rumble keys.
-Fixed a translation issue when talking to Rose during the Rose’s Dream quest while in a party.
-Players are no longer able to walk above the map when spamming the X button and jumping while in town.
-Voice overs and chat log text were added to the Tinkerer Macros.
-Removed a couple stucking spots in the Sea Dragon Nest.
-Resolved an issue with planting seeds on the farm.

System Improvements/Changes:
-Pet’s EXP has been modified so they level up faster.
-EXP awarded for a large majority of quests have been increased.
-Sea Dragon Nest Practice mode has been added.
-Added a Coliseum NPC in Saint’s Haven.
-Added a Farm NPC in Saint’s Haven.
-The following dungeon’s have had their zones reduced from 4 to 3:
oForest Sanctuary
oSilent Cloister Main Hall
oDead Man’s Road
oBlack Mines
oLost Tunnels
oSubmerged Ruins
oGraves of Unrest
oDying City Crossroads
oBlack Sovereign Tower
oDying City Gates
-Entry Passes are not required to enter nests (nests of 5 or more players are excluded).
-Entry Pass for Nests (Normal/Hell) cannot be sold at a shop.
-Edge of Darkness is now called Dark Gateway.
-The ‘Abyssal Veil’ is no longer needed to enter the Edge of Darkness.
-The Dark Gateway (previously called Edge of Darkness) channel has been removed
oThe area is now accessible from Saint’s Haven
-A revision was made to enable side quests and main quests to be completed simultaneously.
-Players can now receive 1 Adventurer’s League Quest per dungeon instead of 1 per Commission Board.
-The text “(Friendship)” will now be included at the beginning of all friendship album quests.
-The Help window has been revised.
-Skills have been revamped.
-Skills can now be purchased from the Skill menu.
-A guild search function has been added to the Guild Recruitment window.
-Guild Masters can now register their guild’s home page.
-A “Beginners” tab has been added to the Arena lobby.
-Essence items can now be crafted into difference essence types
-Epic set accessories obtained from Hell Mode Nests can also be obtained from the Reward chest after clearing the Nest in Hell Mode.
-Drop rates for all Nest set materials and Nest set equipment have increased.
- Unbounded items can now be sold to the shops.
oHowever, once sold in a shop, the item will become bound.
-Players can now type in the name of the dungeon when creating a party.
-A search function has been added to the Party List window.
oAdditionally, an “Advanced” search function has been added so that players can see and join parties that are also created in different towns.
-A sort function has also been added. Players can now sort their party searches by “Level”, “Party Size”, “Dungeon”, and “Difficulty”.
-Players can now allow their party to be seen while in Fields.
-Some terms in the Party window have been changed:
oLoot Rules > Item Obtain Method
oRoll Limit > Roll Dice
-A search function has been added to the Guild Recruitment window, allowing players to search for guilds based on preference (All, Friends, Battle, Nest, PvP), Guild Level, and/or a Guild’s name.
-Stats of some suffixes have been adjusted
-There is now an achievement for leveling your pet to Lv. 20.
-The tooltip that appears when mousing over stats, in the Character Info window, will now also display stats that were increased/decreased by equipment and buff/debuffs.
-Saint’s Haven South Gate’s name has changed:
oPort Hermalte > Southern Gate of Saint’s Haven
-The default status now hides quest markers of quests that are 10 levels below the player’s level. This can be changed with the “Hide Quest Marker” check option in the quest window.

Known Issues:
-The new PvP “Wipeout Mode” is not listed on the pre-made PvP room list. This is intended.
-Some Tinkerer skills fall through bridges and attack players to the ground below.
-Players will be stuck on auto-fish mode after idling or quickly switching to manual fishing.
-There are minor text issues present in the Crafting Window’s Essence Exchange feature.