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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
when you job change from explorer to treasure hunter and from treasure hunter to ruin walker you will get a free skill reset. (please note that from explorer -> TH the reset is forced. from TH -> RW you will get a skill reset book that has an expiration date) so you dont really need a skill reset (even though you can buy it in game xD)

anyways, tbh all 3 weapon trees are good. i have a preference towards bow and dagger though (bow pre season 2 and dagger after season 2). if you want to mainly improve your defense then the obvious way to go is dagger since they get a shield. bow has the AoE skills (arrow rain tree) and xbow has the most powerful base damage skills. with the proper gear theyre all pretty much on par, so its really up to if you want speed, power, or defense (dagger is also pretty fast)

if you need a skill simulator there is this

its in japanese but its fairly easy to navigate once you get the hang of it
Uhm, I think I'll go with dagger. Thanks for the help!