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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
tbh all of the classes are good in pve so in the end its really down to what type of style you like best. as for survivability, explorers and mages are obviously going to have the lowest. ruin walkers have really high DPS though so it kind of balances out their squishyness

personally out of the characters you have im biased towards explorer x] i like ruin walker and rogue master (ruin walker subclass). theyre both really fun and have high DPS. its also your highest level character, almost second job. so it wouldnt really be a bad idea to continue on with that

if you want i can go over all the other classes of pros and cons, but while ive played all of the classes i havent played all of them extensively (just saint, dragoon, ruin walker, and elemental master). so some of them might not be totally accurate :x
Thanks! Yeah, I like my explorer and it'd be awesome if I continue on with it but should I keep with bows, xbows or daggers? I think I'd need a skill point reset scroll or something if I change weapons right? Need to improve my defense too. :/