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Default Coming back after 4 years

Hello! The last time I played La Tale was at the beginning of 2009 when engineers came out. I stopped playing 'cause I was too busy but now I may have some free time and a faster internet speed.

My question is whether to continue playing one of my old characters or create a new one:
lv 72 bow explorer
lv 32 engineer
lv 12 knight

I remember my explorer was fun to play but I died very easily (may be some of the reasons I stopped playing too). Now that there are new features and 3rd job, maybe there is a class that suits me. I'd like a class with normal/high defense that doesn't die easily, is good at PvE/PvM (don't care about PvP) and has AoE skills. It can be melee or ranged as long as I don't die that easily. ;c

ps: english isn't my first language.