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Originally Posted by Cypher15

Info Log



Well, we haven't heard anything for 10 Months, so let's change that.

- The series will be explicitly geared towards an adult audience.

- The "G" in the title was used as an abbreviation for the word "Gravity" and not "Gundam". This is so as to distance the project from the Gundam series and make the distinction that this is a totally new Mecha project.

- Tomino has been working on the story over the past 3 years, and has influenced the theme to fit with the recent Earthquake in Japan. The theme will be adults in a Nuclear world, with a space elevator.

- Tomino hopes to pull off this adult theme with a clean slate (and clear distinction), so as to not make it a "really awkward Gundam".

- This month's Gundam Ace will have a preview article regarding the series, more info to come.
Man I sure hope this doesn't mean the anime starts with with ADULTS somehow finding it's way into the cockpit of a prototype mecha and then beat up two or three zaku copies right away...