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1. Describe your personality on trickster in 1-5 lines.
Back when 2nd job came out, I tend to start fights in PVP and start Drama within my Guild mates. But Now I've changed and just be like "Meh" And run around in TO world while making new friends along the way as well reconnecting my old ones if possible.

2. Now, are there any differences between your personilties/ways of interacting when you are no longer playing trickster?
Well not really since I only hang out with my best friends but sadly what is preventing me to do that, is them going through the wrong path. [If you know what I mean] So I can only rely on my friends in Steam/MSN/Skype.

3. Are you more tolerant to "noobs" on or off trickster?
To be honest, It is my huge pet peeve that people will do the most stupidest things in games But I understand if they are new to the game and I am willing to help out. But if they're not new and just being plain stupid then I'll just lost my temper.

4. Do you prefer your trickster on real life personality?
Before I prefer Online but soon it became one personality with my real life.

5. Are there elements of the way you behave on trickster that you wish you were better at in real life?
Hell no.

"There is no Real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." -Frank Herbert