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Oops sorry, that event was already over. It took place from 24 till 26 August, the time was explanatory on the site. Basically, you need to PvP 7 times each day using these units:

A: Aegis
B: Justice
C: Saviour
D: Infinite Justice
E: Strike Rouge IWSP
F: Akatsuki (Oowashi)

The prizes were 3000G on Friday, Level Protect (2) on Saturday and Custom Cap Extender (5) on Sunday. Do all to get a FA Alex (c4) and Operator D.

I didn't even bother with this event because Alex custom 4 was like given last time in some event too. What I don't understand is why a love story between Athrun and Cagalli (hence their units) resulted in a FA Alex. Could have given a SEED related unit...

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