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Default Raine's GC Fanart

Fanart Index - Organized for your viewing pleasure (old to new)
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/forum/ - Ryan x Lire wallpaper, sketch compilation

Oh, I can take requests. Just specify the character and the armor. Though I may or may not half-ass the picture depending on my mood. Late update: Bored of GC until further notice (also super busy with life) so all requests have been, and will be on hold until further notice.

---Actual post from 10000000 years ago---

Thought I'd share mine. Well. My one fanart. <_< There might be more, since I recently discovered a new way to draw.

Lire is pure <3

My first sketch on Open Canvas. It's a little different from Photoshop, but it doesn't lag when I use huge strokes, so yay! My stuff is usually not this messy, but I was just playing around/too lazy. =P

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