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Default How to gear a Duelist up for PvP

Hello~ I'm currently working on an all-rounded, decent Duelist for PvM/Bossing/PvP. I am also working on a Diva, on a separate account, for the same purposes.

I heard that Duelists are weaker than Champions in PvP, if I'm wrong, please correct me. Of course, if a Duelist is funded enough, it can be on par with champions.

Since I am using two different accounts, I would appreciate it if I could find gears that I can trade within these two characters. I currently have a +26 AC Tombeth Helmet and a AP comped Ult. Nasal Helmet.

Character Information:
-Duelist is 4114, 3AP1WT distribution.
-Diva is 3124, pure HP.
-Decently funded in both Galders and MS.

-What gears that I can trade is beneficial for both my Duelist and Diva?
-Should I use separate sets of gears for each character?
-Tombeth Helmet for Bunny/Diva? Ult. Nasal Helmet for Bunny/Diva?
-Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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