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Thank you for contacting us. A SG Interactive representative will be contacting you soon.
Your Question : Hi, I have a few questions about the summer camp event. From the website I can see that I have have 113 points, but only grade B for rewards. According to the grade/points table I should be at grade A. Why is that? Also, are the all clear bonus rewards given to each character or each account? If not each character, the accumulated points are the total from all characters on one account? Thank you.
Our Answer:
Thank you for taking the time to contact the Trickster 1:1 Support Team with this bug report. Given the size and scope of a project such as an MMO, we rely on the help of players such as you to supplement our internal procedures with helpful reports to improve the overall game experience for everyone. At this time we have forwarded your report to our QA team for further investigation. We ask for your patience during the resolution of this issue.

Finally, I understand you would like to know if Clear Bonus is per account or character as well as the points. The Clear Bonus is per account and the points are per world.=]
and the grade/point thing seems to be a bug according to them