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Originally Posted by Bng422
Eh, never really was a fan of chunky Gundams. i'll just get Seravee GNHW/B for collection so I have all the Celesting Being SRs.

On the other hand, Graham Brave has been something I've been waiting for... But I don't have AR Brave T^T

^Acreon: just forget it, some people don't understand what the word OPINION means in an open forum... Meaning you can say whatever the hell you want as long as you don't break forum rules.

I personally wanted a GNXIV variant (Like Twin GN Cannons), but I guess Superbia is good rnough because it looks badass. Dem claw feet @Q@
I guess, i just don't care for being insulted like that.

Also DAT MA MODE MMMM is more like it haha.
But yeah some more of the unique variants of the GN-X line up would be nice but it's just like...did we REALLY need the GN-XII? I could understand back when the released everything (GM II AEUG&TITANS =-=) but nowadays I want to see some more actual variety, you know?