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Originally Posted by Cypher15
I was never a 00S2 bandwagoner

I just think it's pointless to post your disapproval like that. It's much akin to going on a Youtube video and commenting about how much you hate the subject matter.

Just buckle up for Fed VS Zeon if you dislike this patch.
I never said I hated it in my original post, just stating it wasn't that exciting of a patch from my personal perspective. It's silly to say people are okay to post "oh cool I'm looking forward to it" but not "Eh it look bland and boring".

I could understand if I had been like "OMFG ****ING STUPID **** 00 GOD DAMN UNIVERSAL CENTURY ALL DAY EVERY DAY" or something. Instead all I said was

"I personally find this upcoming patch to be really bland and boring." It's not in anyway deconstructive or silly.

So no, the only unneeded and silly response was your original one.