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Default Help me choose a path

I started playing LaTale some 2 years ago, and I never was a big fan of spellcasting classes in any game, mainly due to them having to drink gallons of MP pots. However now, after I had a Gunslinger, Meister and Blade I realized that gulping on potions isn't too much of a hassle so I decided to give a Wizard a chance.

My dilemma starts now, as I have absolutely no idea how this class works, it has tons of skills, and I don't know which path to choose till I reach lv 80 and what class advance to choose after.

My play style is solo, I never PvP nor Coli (at least for now) I like ranged or area damage (around the character is best) which deals mucho hits. Based on that, could anyone give me advice on which element to choose and which class to become later?

Thanks in advance.