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Originally Posted by Cypher15
Because I'm only allowed to post if I join the 'omfg 00 s2 is teh bezt' hive mind, right?

I'm not saying there shouldn't be 00 suits, you guys should be allowed to have the ones you want just I and others should have the ones we want. Just...more GN-Xs? Like, **** man...granted yeah every series has a titular mass production suit that as it gets upgraded the look doesn't to a huge extent but I mean...

Gms through the years

Zakus through the years
Zaku I
Zaku II
Zaku III

It's just...there doesn't seem to be any true indication that "yes this is a new suit" when it comes to the GN-X line-up. You're less spiky? That's cool I guess...It's not like they have to be huge upgrades, this is why I chose the GM and Zaku line-ups. Their first upgrades are just more thrusters for the GM and a refined body+shield for the Zaku. Where as upon reaching their third incarnation they're both quite upgraded. Both have a lot more armor+boosters, the GM III has more spots for equipment mounting, and the Zaku III has a small beam rifle in its head. It's similar but different and you can tell "which came first". The GN-X's do not have this, someone could even mistaken them upgrading backward if they didn't know they were 1,2,3 because of the only noticeable change being their shoulder and skirt rod length.

To summarize:
The Seravee and Brave commander I'm fine with. It's the
"Oh look 2 more GN-Xs! So exciting and original!" That makes me feel this patch is bleh.

I will note that the superbia is a nice variant of the gn-x, but the gn-xii is still "whoop de ****ing doo"

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