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Hi Kyzuumi,

Tyvm for making this guide. I came back to Trickster recently and started out using your guide. Went the 4123 build and that 2 in Sense has really saved me. I would have had problems if I went 4114 since the lack of weight would have killed me and I barely get by with 4123. I have a Thief Master thanks to Fast-Track to support my bunny. =)

Atm my bunny is 90/93 and I am boss hunting Tut for that GLS. 316 Seals and still no GLS but I'm still trying. Got 2 GSs and 1 P hat so far. Smacking Tut with Quad and then meleeing the rest so I have time to dodge banish if he activates it.

As for the build I decided to cut out the Flash cut tree. Not really going for Pvp just want a Champion to boss and Pvm. Still getting Flaming Fist as a signature tech.

I'm in the Fantasia server. No idea if you are there. =P

Anyways, you have my gratitude and thank you. My bunny is AkiMizuumi. Made an account here to let you know that this guide has helped me. ^-^