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Originally Posted by Cappie
Can someone translate the new Event prizes ( Zabanya one ) plz.
And tell me how people can play with AR Banshee ?
Thanks !
People got the AR Banshee from the event you just mentioned. The list of prizes are:

AEU Hellion (Gundam Capture unit)
Zaku III Custom
Blaze Zaku Phantom (not too sure on this, only know for sure it's those Seed Zakus)
ReZel (Commander)
Ginn (Miguel Aiman Custom)
Enhanced ZZ
Zeta Gundam (Beam Saber)
Lu Meng Dijeh
Gan Ning Kampfer
Banshee (AR)
0 Gundam (Type ACD)
Jagd Doga (Quess Praya)
Reborns Gundam
Gelgoog (Anavel Gato custom)