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Originally Posted by Bng422
I believe I figured these myself while using SRudim (had the same problem).

1) You can't shoot out funnels if you still have funnels attacking people. Since SRudim and Pazabi's funnels finish reloading before they disappear, this can happen. It's probably balance so you can't swarm a guy with 12 funnels.

2) R mode glitch. Press R mode and then you can SP again.
Originally Posted by AmuroRay
if you use instant-R mode you can't release funnels

instant-R mode is when u press R then weapon3 (on funnel suits), it will make you switch mode's instantly, but you wont be able to use SP on mode2 or release funnels on mode1, if you want to be able to do both again you have to change mode's normally.

this could happen if you press R then get hit by a melee atk while you were changing modes.
Hope they can fix the R mode glitch completely soon.