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Originally Posted by kale15
learned card-ID on fox
fox got rolled back and all skills went into myshop inventory
used fox's card-ID skill item on cat
fox now can't re-do card-ID quests.

I think that's what happened, and yes it might be due to the fox already having done the card-ID quest.
no, is cat now can't finish card-ID quests.
i collected card-ID quest item, when i click the npc to get the card-ID skill card,
it say "Conversation with NPC Cancelled"
maybe my cat learend the card-ID skill, it cant finish this.

In the Enlightment Quests
Light Filled Egg - Transfer to Another Dimension of Light
Condition: Lv.135+, 3rd Job, have Questionable Letter, have Card Identification
it not have Card Identification then you can do, cuz my cat have the skill, but still cant do this quest.
my fox finish the card-ID quest, but not have card-ID skill, but still can do lol