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Default Mike's CT Boss-killing Service! [J]


Hi guys, from now until whenever I feel like stopping I will be available to assist you with every boss in the Chaos Tower. As long as you can hit the boss and stay alive long enough for me to kill it, I can guarantee you finish the boss quest for that particular floor!

I can confidently and efficiently solo each boss in CT and should be useful for those struggling with Outraged Requiem or for those with noob characters that want to get that extra easy EXP (with the higher level bosses having over 75k exp and some decent TM!).

Also, I will be doing this completely for free.

If you want to give me a gift for helping you, I accept anything and everything. Galder, cards, equips, junk, myshop, sexual favours, etc.

Why am I doing this?

Mostly to build up my reputation in the community again since apparently everyone has forgotten about me! I enjoy killing the bosses and have a new-found sense of superiority with my ability to solo the bosses and feel like helping those not fortunate enough to. Also, possibility for free stuff and favours never hurts.

The details

IGN: Lemma

PM me on my coon - Lemma - if you want help immediately and I happen to be online. If I am busy doing a PQ then I won't be able to help you but if I'm just messing in PvP, trying to sell stuff or farming for items then I'll generally be very happy to help.

If I am not online, post here with your character IGN, level and class, what boss(es) you want me to kill with you and what times you are available. I play a lot and so may be able to work around your schedule.

Times I play from: 9:30am ~ 1:30am GMT

Any times outside this I will not be able unless you give me something extra

I think that's it guys. Let me know if you're interested!

Happy hunting
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