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1. Describe your personality on trickster in 1-5 lines.
I don't really have a trickster personality. To describe my own personality is really difficult but just to say something:Laid back and may appear reserved at times but there is a huge rainbow unicorn attention whor..*ahem*... inside of me that shines through with my loved ones. I'm very kind and have a huge heart, also a perfectionist and very lazy.

2. Now, are there any differences between your personilties/ways of interacting when you are no longer playing trickster?
I'm pretty much straight forward in real life and in game.

3. Are you more tolerant to "noobs" on or off trickster?
I don't let them bother me at all.

4. Do you prefer your trickster on real life personality?
or real life personality, is that what it was meant to say? if so, then my answer little above answers this question.

5. Are there elements of the way you behave on trickster that you wish you were better at in real life?

Edit: Omg so much fun reading other peoples answers, I get to stalk without actually stalking. *wink*

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