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1. Describe your personality on trickster in 1-5 lines.
► When it comes to chatting, I'm only the reader. If the topic is interesting, I will join in. But if I'm in a PLvl, I'll definitely stay quiet, because chat kills. If I got a free time, I'm willing to help other players. But I rarely have a free time.

2. Now, are there any differences between your personilties/ways of interacting when you are no longer playing trickster?
► I think it depends on the situation. I'm talkative in person if I'm talking to people whom I'm comfortable with. I'm quite opinionated. I always speaks my mind. But sometimes I keep it to myself, if I know my opinion will hurt the other party. Because sometimes truth really hurts. XD When it comes to helping others, I'm the one who needs help. So I'm the opposite of that.

3. Are you more tolerant to "noobs" on or off trickster?
► No. I can tolerate a newbie than a noob. Newbie is really a new player. While a noob is like, pretending or just feeling like a newbie.

4. Do you prefer your trickster on real life personality?
► Hahaha. I wish that's possible. So, yes. Because my trickster is not scared of anything.

5. Are there elements of the way you behave on trickster that you wish you were better at in real life?
► I guess only one. I'm good in making profit in trickster. XD