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Ying will become famous soon enoughYing will become famous soon enough

Waw this is interesting

1. Describe your personality on trickster in 1-5 lines.
I'm pretty quiet and independent on TO. I use to be out going and open to making new friends but eh that was way back when paradise was fill with cool people. So I'll say now days, I'm just lay back & helpful.

2. Now, are there any differences between your personilties/ways of interacting when you are no longer playing trickster?
When i'm not on trickster I have a big sense of humor & I'm laaazzzy.

3. Are you more tolerant to "noobs" on or off trickster?
I'm not quite sure on what you mean with noobz "on & off" TO. So i'll just say when i'm on TO i love helping them out. Just as long they are not begging for money or spam trading, just being an idiot.

4. Do you prefer your trickster on real life personality?
Trickster personality for sure.

5. Are there elements of the way you behave on trickster that you wish you were better at in real life?
There's things in Trickster that motivates me to make my main the way she is today. So I'll say i wish i have motivation in real life like i do on Trickster.