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Default LaTale 3rd/sub jobs!? T_T

I'm in need of some pros and cons comparison (I'm terribly sorry, these questions were probably asked about google amounts of time....)
I'm currently trying to decide a class, but I can't seems to make up my mind. I'm mostly interested in magician and explorer. I already have a 14x GS (I have yet to become a duelist.) and I've heard some bad comments on how Duelist are possibly the worst 3rd job in the game so far. I'm pretty curious as to how Judgement are compare to Duelist though....(They look really fun with that speed boost skill that makes them attack really fast >w<)

I also heard that Rune Walker/ Rouge Masters are very powerful and awesome and all that good I'm tempted to make one....but im not sure if I want to play another explorer class....(it literally took me ages to get to 14x and I feel very ashamed about it lllOrz)

As for the magician side.....I'm kind of swaying towards the bard path. If someone can tell me their personal experience on being a bard AND sorcerer, follow by their 3rd jobs, that'll be awesome. I personally love Elemental masters and phantom mages' flashy skills, and is afraid that maybe bard will get too repetitive? (I've never played a bard before, so excuse my assumptions.)

Personal opinions are very much appreciated!
Thank you for your time~