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Originally Posted by mishka
thanks for the replies, i think i got a good idea of how to fix my build

i got a dual build from the event package and i am going to use it on my sader when he awakens. i have a few questions about battle sader.

1.) do they still use plate armor?
2.) what weapon is best? can i keep my crosses that i use for FS?
3.) is apocalypse worth it for b. saders? i vaguely recall reading something about how the prereq will bump up to lv.10 spiritual sacrifice soo i'm not sure if it's really worth the SP dump.
1) Plate because of plate mastery
2) You need crosses at the very least for weapon swapping because most if not all Crusader bonuses are on crosses, and because only crosses also give Vit and Spr, which you need for your buffs.
After buffs, it doesn't really matter what you use since the majority of Crusader's skills are fixed damage. For PvP, Scythe is the best for obvious reasons.
3.) For a Battle build, I personally would not recommend it because it's a large SP investment as you stated. A Battle Sader is already tight on SP from having to invest in those Grace of ____ stat passives. Sacrificing SP and efficiency for a skill that will be good only once or twice every dungeon doesn't sound like a good tradeoff to me.

However, you're wrong on the prerequisites I think. According to the Planner you only need 1 Spiritual Sacrifice and 10 Revenge of Light.

As for what J0SH2 is referring to, that is a very situational and time consuming gimmick. Basically it only works on Hell Modes, where you clear the room, avoid breaking the Hell Mode pillar, then cast Apocalypse, then go back to a different cleared room. Then you would have to go back to the Hell room when Apocalypse comes off cooldown, cast it again, and leave the room and repeat until you have this:

It's not possible outside of hell modes, and if you're in a party, you need the party to cooperate with you for this to happen.

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