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Default MediaWiki/vBulletin SSO Plugin

MediaWiki/vBulletin Single Sign-On

Current Version: 2.1.0

This hack provides single sign-on capability for MediaWiki using your vBulletin users. You must ensure your cookie path in Admin CP is set to '/' for this to work. Also, I have not tested this if your wiki and your forums are on different subdomains - but as long as your have your cookie domain set properly it *should* work. This is not a user bridge - it is a complete single sign-on using your vBulletin user repository.

The install process has been extremely simplified in version 2.x of this product. You only have to edit LocalSettings.php, import a product, and change a setting in your Admin Control Panel. It's been completely packaged as a vBulletin product - unlike the previous hacked up version, heh. I didn't originally plan to release this so I designed it so it worked - not so it could be redistributed. I searched high and low for a functional MediaWiki bridge - almost bought NuHIT's product, and then realized it had been abandoned for over a year.

This hack requires an edit to class_core.php. Hopefully, I can get around this in future versions of vBulletin but it must exist for now. If you fail to make this change, you will not be able to edit your wiki. Also, if you upgrade vBulletin, you must remember to re-apply the change to class_core!

I'll do my best to support it, but I can make no promises.

Demo of plugin in action: MyMMOGames - Multiplayer Gaming and Media Community

Also, if you use memcached - ensure you do not cache sessions. If you do, restart it at least once a week. If you don't, you'll end up with invalid session errors out of MediaWiki.

MediaWiki Version: 1.12.0+
vBulletin Version: 3.7.0+ (has also been tested on 3.6.9)

- Provides single sign on capability between vBulletin and Mediawiki. vBulletin user repository is used
- Configurable sysop/bureaucrat groups
- Configurable disallowed user groups
- Configurable "Who's Online" display
- Counts users viewing wiki in vBulletin's "Who's Online"

Please read the included "readme.txt" file in the "docs (do not upload)" folder.

Admin Control Panel->vBulletin Options->MMOG Wiki Options

Change Log: - Sep 18, 2008
- Initial Release - Sep 29, 2008
- Bugfix: Incorrect redirects for login/logout - Sep 30, 2008
- Feature: Streamlined installation procedure
- Feature: Wiki path set in ACP
- Bugfix: Forum paths no longer hardcoded

2.1.0 - Oct 4, 2008
- Feature: ACP option to use MediaWiki Short URLs
- Feature: ACP option to set sysop groups
- Feature: ACP option to set bureaucrat groups
- Feature: ACP option to disallow login to certain groups
- Feature: ACP option to change WOL display text

AuthPlugin was inspired by and modified from this existing MediaWiki Extension:

Forum admins, please report bugs here. You can also find a download for the product here; I cannot host it on MMOG due to vBulletin license restrictions:

MediaWiki/vBulletin Single Sign-On - Forum

MMOG Members, please use this thread for bugs regarding the wiki SSO as you cannot see some things on without a valid vB license.
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