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Default [TW] August patch

Wow, that was quick. A patch this early of the month:

€ŠSD‹ˆ Online€‹

Following Meteor Freedom's footsteps, here comes Meteor Justice. And Turn A finally joins in the fun.

For plans, S Zeta is coming next as expected.

As for events, it's a little meh since it's that collect x unit + y unit to get z unit.
The units that are announced so far are collect:

[Char's Gundam + Altron (EW) + Rose Gundam]
[Garazzo (Hilling's unit) + Reborns + Zabanya]

to get

[Gelgoog (c4) + Operator C (3 days)]
[ Zhang Liao Gelgoog (c3) + Operator B (3 days)]

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