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Default Character name problems?

I tried to search for this problem but I couldn't find anything.
I hope someone can help me...

I am trying to create a new character but everytime I get a weird message about the name. I tried about 4 different names and I got the following errors:

1: "This name already exists. - (1023)"
2: "Character name contains profanity."
3: "Character name contains profanity."
4: "Unusable character name! - (1019)"

Sure, someone is using the first name, however... What are those other errors? Profanity? Really, I don't get it.
"Unusable character name", so does it mean someone is using this name? Why is this message different?

Is it some kind of weird bug? I am unable to create a new character now. I even tried some different names to test it but I keep getting one of those errors. What should I do, please?