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Originally Posted by Bng422
Lets see here... I believe I used about 100k and around ~100 extenders. I capped 007 when it was yellow, but it was almost at red (I capped a lot when it was yellow). I put 5 SRs into custom cap. The order of slot was SR Dendro, 007, Pazabi, 3 C ranks and SR Dendro for both extended slots.

If you're wondering about other results, here ya go (can't remember the numbers, only the colors):

Hi Nu - Yellow
SRios - Yellow
X1 Kai - Red
X2 Kai - Red
SRudim - Purple 3rd roll (~200k and ~200 extenders)
007 - Yellow
ooo....kaay...okay, thanks now I'm at yellow rate now, I wish I could cap 007 at yellow too....

(but...otherwise, I'm poor now....after re-cap from white to yellow (after I capped SR Ziel =3= - this is not my wanted suit's my first SR in one year @@)

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