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Default Installation Failure

So I signed up today downloaded tried installing like 20 times (No exaggeration) and every time I tried installing I get a "Connection Error"
Message Given:
"Your system is currently not allowing access ti our servers.
Check your Firewall and or security software settings to allow PMB.exe to run.
Visit the Help page or contact us at for further assistance.
Would you like to retry the connection?"

I can click retry and I get the same error so I googled my problem and found this page:

I downloaded everything did everything perfect and than once I try to launch the game I get:
"Unable to download from the file path
Please try again later."

Can anyone please help with this? That would be great Thank you and if you would like screen shots to better understand just let me know

NOTE: Admin's/Mods if this is in the wrong topic plase move to the right topic for me Thank you.