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IGN: JotieTamaro
Class: Primmadona to_primadonna
Level: 132

Box Name and Level:Cat Box 70 DX
Location:Megalopolis Square, Garden of Skill Master, Event Garden Ceremonia, Megalopolis Monster Guild and Megalopolis Guild Room
Where you get your time from (trickster website/other): trickster website
Time(s) and Date (PST): 22:21:10 1 August
Item(s) Received:Miracle Shield 70 (Shield), Jen's Cape 70 (Cape), Miracle Shield 70 (Shield), Miracle Shield 70 (Shield) and Miracle Jen 70 (Pet)
Number of Boxes opened:5

I was getting furious because i got 2 shields on a row, but i got the pet on the last box (I was out of MS) and got relieved.