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Hello! u v u

um i'm not ve...ry ... sure whether it's appropriate to post here because of the huge necro but I suppose I will just because-- '3'

Name: Carissa ^u^ otherwise I go by reiru~
Age: 14
IGN: Reirupaff / KuroiPaff
Why you joined Mirage: um so yes i..f anyone actually noticed for the short period of time I was here, I am the same KuroiPaff that joined around a year or so ago! Yeah I grew up a bit .v. Previously life had caught up a whole lot so I quit online games for some time, I am sorry for the lack of notice u_u My friend recently introduced me back to TO for the fast track thing, so h-here I am again (with a new character!) It's a little sad to see the guild dying but I still wanted to re-join for the friendly feel you guys have! thank you for having me again B')

sorry that was really long