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Originally Posted by Degoutant
I believe you're more of a shy person than introverted, no? Not introverted. I'm somewhat shy. I try to be outgoing, I try to be more talkactive and I try to sympathisize with others. Especially the people I do not know.

My main problem is that I care too much about what others think of me.
I am afraid that people either will think I'm weird or scary, if I talk too much about random stuff or being all quiet will cause the impression of arrogance and I wouldn't want that. It would be also very awkward to be around them, so I rather try it at least (to talk with them like about same interests, gossip, random jokes), even though that's not really me for the time being, but trust me, it will become more comfortable.

I'd try harder to help you, but I am honestly too tired right now. ):
THIS so much.
I am similar to this too. Thing is, I already know I'm shy and I'm fine with that. I'm not as out-going as my other friends, but I just think "well that's them. not me." But even if I AM shy, I do make efforts to be able to talk more, especially with people I don't know/people I've met for the first time. At first it was really hard for me. I was (or maybe still am up to now) not good at starting conversations but slowly I'm getting the hang of it.

I can't really give you advise since I'm no expert but maybe if you can see a chance to have a nice conversation with a person, grab it, say "hi", smile, and start from there.