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Harjiwan is on a distinguished road

Ermagerd...Just stumbled upon this place for the first time in years lol. Nostalgiaaaaa!

If it's all gravy, I'd like to update my profile as well:

Forum name: Harjiwan
Name you go by: Jiwan, Jeev's, Jiji
Age: Older than you
Gender: Male
Games you're playing: I hop on DFO every now and then, otherwise mainly console games
Hobbies/Interests: Pairno (piano), video games, anime, manga, pumping iron, eating, pooping, and telling kids to get off my lawn
Likes:Superpowers, beef, strawberry milk
Dislikes: Being sexually harassed and small arrogant children
Personal Quote: *Man moan*

Avatar reference: IN DUE TIME - I'll upload a picture eventually. I need to grow out my beard ._.