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I think it's more hypothetical talking rather than not understanding how we get content.

As for me, I would like it if eTO had more involvement in creating content. If anything more design contests to send pitches to the developers. Or eTO generating their own content. (like jTO, but that's wishful thinking).


Just pointing out there are incredibly heavy influences as Corvid being The Crow. For example Corvid is the genus name of a family of birds that include crows, ravens, rooks and magpies, among others.

Not only that; his pet description:

"A risen spirit of vengeance. Corvid wishes for nothing more than the absolute destruction of those that killed him and his love."

The entire basis of the movie plot. If someone reads him as a generic "creepy guy" they are just unaware of the references then. Still not infringement, but definitely not original. :3

I wouldn't call Iron Nadia being a generic cyborg either, just look at her art and compare it to Iron Man. Just Saiyan.

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