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Yeeeah this is the most active I've been on Maple in like... ever. So beyond the grinding it's like "wat I do now ): /lost"

Bossing would be nice, but I need better gear to boss, and I could get better gear by bossing... LOL. What should I aim for anyway? Are reverse eq worth crafting, if only to have something better than what I'm using? There's no way I can even aim toward the lv140 sets, Imperial is a MAYBE if I did nothing but Azwan 24/7 for coins... idk what else. But ingredients are still a pain in the ass. So is leveling professions but at least that's not as bad.. just tedious and annoying.

hay u gonna help with these ToT quests rite ; A; loool. They're not really important right now.

Edit; "without starting money"

I have like 120~160m across all my chars, but yeah, that's not considered much these days, so hence me saying I'm broke.


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