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Originally Posted by Kenzor
Starseeker said people play characters because they're "new" or get new updates to them, they said nothing about strength.

New characters/jobs =/= strength, look at garbage Asin, sucks in both dungeons and PvP and has the most dull ST ever.
You've got a point there.
What starseeker implied, however, was mainly how the players' desire to play certain classes differs, depending on how new the updates are, and that includes, like I pointed out, how strong they are in relation to others.

I just find it sad how people don't just play what they like, what they find cool or fun to work with, but what's easiest or strongest.
That's unnecessary and a little poor in my opinion.
Character sympathy should depend on personal liking and preferations, and not on "Oh, with that character I can solo this and that faster than person XY." - which is how many players decide on who to play, imo.

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