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Originally Posted by WhatThePho
Season 2 Finale. Discuss.
I didn't like how they were tweaked Danny's character in the series, especially during the last episode of Season 2. I guess they wanted to give her more... I don't know the right word, 'spunk'? But oh well, I still love how they made the season overall.

Maybe I also expected a lot with how they would be able to pull off the House of the Undying part. It was so-so, though I kinda went "Awww~" when Drogo appeared. But the FINAL SCENES of the last episode gave me chills, pun unintended. That scene with the White Walkers... Oooooohhhhhh CANNOT wait for Season 3!

I am rooting for Arya all the way.

I am going to miss pretty!face-Jaq'en lol