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okay. update! please help test out this thread's first theory as follows by recording your box-opening to the second. (added to first post also) Thanks to all our participants!

Items correspond to a certain range of seconds past the minute, which set of seconds corresponds to which item may be unique to each user. And ranges vary with number of different items per box.

So I opened 7 Cat 30 DX Boxes (and actually accidentally bought a normal cat box via the website link which I will not take into consideration) of which I actually recorded the exact second of opening. These are recorded under the green coloured numbers in the Google Document. Not taking into account my location at the time, or the hour and minutes, I received in the following order in precise seconds past the minute (all times are PST and taken from TO website) :
03s (helmet) 09s (helmet) 14s (innerwear) 23s (weapon) 31s (innerwear) 45s (pet) 58s (innerwear)

Under the theoretical assumption that certain seconds of the minute are associated with an item I can deduce as follows, the location box is opened at is included for reference. As you can see most were opened in the same place.

03-09s (3. helmet) Megalopolis Square/Megalopolis Bank
14s (5. innerwear) Megalopolis Square
23s (2. weapon) Megalopolis Square
31s (5. innerwear) Paradise shop
45s (1. pet) Megalopolis Square
58s (5. innerwear) Megalopolis Square

As you can see all were opened with the intention of being roughly 10s out from each other under the assumption that 0-9s,10-19s,20-29s,30-39s,40-49s,50-59s were all corresponding to different items. Of course the cat box 30 only has 5 items so technically there should be a repeat or a longer period for each item. The evidence shows that of the 7 trials, 1 at 31s is at a different location so the missing 'shield' item may be attributed to this inconsistency in location. Also this time ratio may be different for boxes with 7+ items.

Resulting Theory:
In a consistent location, each item from a myshop box will correspond with a range of 'seconds past the minute' this range depending on the type of box, the number of unique contents, and the user opening the box.
In order to test and prove this theory wrong/right, more data must be gathered!
Help me help you by participating in the MyShop Box Statistics Collection whenever you open your myshop boxes! -includes google docs spreadsheet with all the data!

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