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Originally Posted by Reinshiki
She sounds like the type of character no one in NAGC would want to play.

Taking damage for friends? Buffing them? Hell no! Dio/Ley/Rufus all the way!

I haven't been on, so I dunno which character is the common "lolspam" everyone else uses. '-'
I'd play her. Then again, I don't like Rufus/Dio/Asin very much...

Originally Posted by Veloze
Dio and every character after him except Zero.
I play Zero. :/ well, everyone will once his 3rd gets released.

It's always like that - people play characters because they're new, cash-only or get a new job / get a revamp.
And not because they personally like said character. It's such a shame; because then, GrandChase would maybe see more Elesis/Ryan/NOTGeasMari players.

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