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mikecxz will become famous soon enough

thanks for the key RoflKnife, got up to level 5 so far, and jeez are these gods expensive, you can't even afford one until you get to level 6 and thats only because they're generous enough to give you 1000 of the in game currency every time you level.

IGN is Sidtz by the way, and i still find snowballing to be there, and significantly, at the moment, specifically, a Wu Kong that gets going rips apart everyone :l. Well, its not that hard to shut them down early so it's not like it's a problem. Also found out how terrible i am at using ranged characters.

my only real complaint so far, is as i said, gods are super expensive, they need to either lower the cost of some of the new people friendly ones or make there prices like LoL, where the old/easy to use ones are lower/ed and the new ones are max price, increase how much you get at the end of the match from doing well, or lower the cost altogether.

Just my opinions though.

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